The Ceylon Teachers’ Union(CTU) has blamed the government for the tragic death of Sandaruwan Jayaratne, who died after falling ill while undergoing leadership training.

Sandaruwan Jayaratne, was to join the Jaffna University after completing leadership training.

He passed away after being admitted to the Kandy Hospital due to a sudden illness while undergoing leadership training at the Gannoruwa Army Camp.

CTU General Secretary Mahinda Jayasinghe blamed the authorities for not takeing necessary measures to prevent such casualties during sports.

He pointed out that school students and university students should be subject to examinations prior to taking up physical activities.


The military said that Sandaruwan Jayaratne had been ill prior to joining the leadershio training programme.

The post-mortem, conducted by Dr D.P. P Senasinghe, Consultant Judicial Medical Officer at Kandy, confirmed the cause death as an an “Ischaemic Brain Damage, following Cardio Vascular Compression in Congenital Diaphragam Hernia”.
That sorts out the legal issues to to a certin extent but what about the moral issues?

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