A question form Dayan-Do you still Beat your Wife?



Dayan Jjayathilaka former diplomat and a man who has been on many sides is clever in raising smart questions-here is one of them raised in a article  written to the Sunday Leader.

‘Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran has just posed a question to the Sri Lankan state. “If the Sri Lankan state did not commit war crimes, why should they resist an international probe?” he is quoted as saying to The Hindu.

Now this is the same specious logic as in the notorious trick question “have you stopped beating your wife?” If one answers yes, one admits to having beaten one’s wife in the past even if one were absolutely innocent of any such conduct, and if one answers no because one had never done so, it leaves open the possibility that one is (still) beating one’s wife.’

සබැඳි පුවත්

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