Cyber Fraud Suspects Remanded

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The husband and wife who are said to be behind a foreign employment web scam have been arrested .

The Criminal Investigate Department (CID) had received about one hundred complaints and it is believed that more than Rs sixteen million has been swindled from those who have been seeking employment in South Korea.

The we developer has also been arrested and released on bail while the husband and wife alleged of fraud have been remanded by the Colombo Fort Magistrate.

The victims of the fraud could contact the CID on 011-2320145.

The fake website promised jobs in in South Korea. The fake website was identified as as with similarities to the foreign employment bureau site.

Foreign employment scams are not uncommon but this scam stands out because of its sophistication.


It is timely to run a campaign on how to be safe on line.Also would it not be good idea to have the. gov extension for all websites and make it mandetorey for all web sites collecting funds to have a valid security certificate.




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