GL to China before Geneva-preaching to the converted?

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External Affairs Minister is t o visit china next week and official request support of China at the  upcoming UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Minister Peiris is scheduled to be in from 10-13 February.

China has never had a issue with Sri lanka’s human rights record.

Then why now china in a rush?

Possibly  two reasons – First of all Sri – Lanka is not looking for new friends at this point –so its not a bad idea to tell hi to good old friend and secondly may be Sri lanka wants to tell others that big and strong China is with us-specially india – again not a bad idea

The General Assembly had last November elected 14 countries including China to serve on the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) for a period of three years beginning on January this year.

Apart from China the other countries elected were Algeria, Cuba, France, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Vietnam, Russia and the United Kingdom.

Given the players Sri Lanka has a tough game ahead and looking out for a trusted old friend is not a bad idea.

සබැඳි පුවත්

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