Govt Politician’s Abducting the Symbol of the UNP?


UNP MP P. Harrison said that Government politicians are involved in abducting baby elephants from the Habarana jungle.

He said that a Deputy Minister had claimed that some 63 baby elephants had been abducted.

The UNP MP said that elephant’s cannot be transported undetected and that the abductors are highly connected individuals.

“These elephants are not like ants which can be hidden in a pocket and taken,” he said.

Harrison mentioned of a incident where an attempt was made to steal a baby elephant from the Udawalawe national park by a armed gang.

The MP said that a group travelling in Defender type jeeps with weapons attempted to abduct a baby elephant at the Udawalawe national park.

Harision pointed out that there was no way such a group could go past police barriers without the support of highly connected individuals.

In fact what the UNP parliamentarian has reviled is nothing new and the real question is what has happened to these baby elephants’ and what steps are been taken to rescue them. The answer doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.





Baby Elephant in Captivity


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