Labour MP Atempts to Stop President’s Participation for Commomwealth Games.




A labour MP has raised concerns regarding the possible participation of Presidient Rajapaksha at the summer Glasgow Commonwealth Games.


The labour parliamentarian Douglas Alexander who is also the shadow Foreign sere trey argues that the possible attendance of President Rajapaksa be overshadowed by questions raised by the possible attendance of Sri Lanka’s President.

“I would ask you what formal advice you have given to the Commonwealth Secretariat, Glasglow 2014 Ltd and Commonwealth Games Federation, regarding any possible role that President Rajapaksa may play at the Games in his capacity as Chairperson-in-office of the Commonwealth.” Said Douglas Alexander.

However the MP in his letter to Foreign Secretary William Hague has failed to explain how the participation of the president will overshadow the commonwealth games. Instead he raises a number of allegations against President Rajapaksha for not abiding by the call for a international probe on human right violations in Sri lanka.

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