Maldivian Drug lord in Colombo




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Ibrahim ‘Shafaa’ Shafaz Abdul Razzaq, a drug lord sentenced by the  Criminal Courtfor   is now Colombo.

He is said to be the  the head of one of the most notorious drug cartels in the Maldives, but no cause for alarm he is in Colombo for treatment.

The Criminal Court had in last November sentenced Shafaz to 18 years of imprisonment and a fine of MVR75,000 on charges of drug trafficking.Acording to  maldivian news reports  Maldives correctional service was neither informed of his return date, nor did a member of the correctional service accompany Shafaz on his trip to Sri Lanka.Thats the tricky part of the story.We all no that money talks as well as walks  and when it comes to big money the voice could be louder and distance walked could be greater.It is said that despite the harsh sentence that was imposed on Shafaz, he was reported to have been kept in Male prison, and  occasionally taken to Maafushi prison for brief periods.


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