Ranil Challenges Mahinda



Oratory is not the forte of the leader of the opposition but that has not prevented him calling out for a debate with President Mahinda Rajapaksha .

Ranil Wickramesinghe  has challenged President Mahinda Rajapaksa for a debate  at a meeting held at remote Rakwana.

It’s well known its  difficult to get the leader of the opposition to the media and that he prefers to give intervivews to journalist very selectively.

If President Rakapaksha agrees it would be treat  for the general public as it would be a opertunity understand what the two leaders have to say about the  critical issues faced by the country and its people.

“I can prove to the country the failure of the government to reduce the cost of living and give relief to the people. I can also prove the collapse of free education and free healthcare services in the country. Further, I can    prove the government’s failure in preserving democracy, law and order and the rule of law among other social issues, He said.

It would be interesting to find out what Mr wickramasingha could bring up and how president Rajapaksha could tackle it

සබැඳි පුවත්

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