Retirement age for Special Aptitude Extended.



Parliament has extended the retirement age of government officers from 60 to 70 years for those with special aptitude.


The Request was made by UNP parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake.
Karunanayake said that this move will help develop the country by using the experience and expertise of those with special skills.

However the law makers need to be cautious of the fact that this move may constrain the carrier advancement of the younger ones who are next in line.

Minister of Public Administration and Home Affairs W.D.J. Senewiratne said that during the past two years that his ministry has employed over 65,000 persons in the upper age limit with extensions.

Minister of Public Administration and Home Affairs W.D.J. Senewiratne’s words were not strong enough to stop the motion been moved. Despite the cautioning the motion received unanimous support.

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