Sri lanka to be infiltrated like Libiya – War of Words Escalateing



The Sri Lankan Government says there is an attempt to infiltrate Sri Lanka similar to what was done in Iraq and Libya.

we all know what happened to Sadam Husain and Mmumar al Gadafi. Speaking at an event in Hambantota -Saturday-, the Minister said that in Libya, the former President of Libya Muammar Gaddafi was killed like a dog while in Iraq the Iraqi leader was also removed by force.

According to the professoer the tool that is being used is human rights. He has said that Sadam and Gadafi were both leaders who did a service for the people in those countries and  Outside countries interfered and created a crisis in those countries to take hold of the resources in those countries,”

It  should be noted that this comment was made at Hambanthota, but still it’s a hint that what ever talks are going behind the doors   the war of words is escalating.

සබැඳි පුවත්

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