Who saved the fisherman in India-Peiris or Rajitha ?



Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry has statement has issued a statement saying that

Minister of External Affairs Prof. G.L. Peiris, has regularly addressed this issue both within Sri Lanka and in his interactions with the Indian Government.

This Ministry said that it has diligently followed established practice on this matter, without public exposure, which has positively contributed to the welfare of the Sri Lankan fishing community.

This statement comes after fisheries minister Rajith Senarathna has been able to get Sri lankan fisherman arrested in India released and get the talks moving despite a few hic ups here and there.

 No Help 

Minister Senaratna publicly commented that he did not receive any support from Minister G L Pieris in resolving the fisherman’s issue and challenged minister pieris to resolve the issues the country is facing at Geneva while he takes care of minor matters such as fisheries.

On the surface it seems that there is some ‘fishing for credit’ going on but is there something else to it –is the academician turned Politian Pieris facing a tidal wave?

සබැඳි පුවත්

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