You lived well Mel




A mason who had been working at the residence of journalist Mel Gunasekera  has been arrested.

According to  police spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana  suspect had started working at Gunasekera’s house since last month and visited the house several times

The Police have been quick in arresting the suspect who is said to have fled to Dompe arera.

Its suspected that the alleged murderer had gone to the house thinking that the  family would have been at Sunday Mass,how ever as Gunasekara was at home and identified the perpetraiter he cold ha attacked her with the idea of geting away.

The police said that the suspect   may have entered the house while she was a sleep by breaking thru a window.


Mel  Gunasekara was  highly respected within the community of  journalist.

She had a indepth knowledge of business matters and she has worked in the Agence France Press (AFP) The Sunday Times and Lanka Business Online .

This is what Professor Rohan Samarajeewa had to say  to Lanka Business on line on hearing the tragic death of this young and bright journalist who was loved by many

.‘On the morning of the first Sunday of February 2014 I felt as though the ground I stood on suddenly disappeared.

I met Mel in 1998. I had come from the US and just started work at the Telecom Regulatory Commission. She was also recently returned from the UK after her degree and was working at the Sunday Times.

I recall her telling me how she walked home from work preferring the exercise to being groped in the bus.

We built fortified houses that were death traps should the perimeters be breached. What should we do? Put electric fences and fortify them further like my friends in South Africa have done? Or break down the walls and encourage eyes on the street?

I would have so loved to have this and many other conversations with Mel. Why were we too busy to enjoy her company while she was alive?

You lived well, Mel. We are bereft.






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