Election’s in August?

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The ruling Greens and the opoosing Blues as well as the in betweens ralling around Mahainda are geting ready for elections in August.

It is speculated that  Parliament elections will be held on August 27th .

President Maithripala Sirisena may  dissolve Parliament in time to hold the election in August.

President Sirisena previously  said that a new Parliament will be in place by September this year.

Meanwhile the President is trying to reach an agreement on the 20th Amendment to the Constitution and the Constitutional Council among all parties.

“There are some pending issues to be addressed by the current Parliament. Once those issues are addressed, Parliament will be dissolved and elections will be held. We should have a new Parliament by September,” the President had said when he met the media heads.

Meanwhile, 10 f SLFP MPs who accepted ministerial portfolios in the Government are to srign soon and join in with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa  who seems  very much undecided.

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