Sri Lankans top on charity list




Sri Lankans have been ranked among the top 10 countries in the world for its charity by the way of cash or time, an international survey has found.

The survey by the US based Charities Aid Foundation found that Sri Lankans were ranked ninth in the World Giving Index where the US and Myanmar considered a less affluent country shared the number one position.

Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia took the third to sixth positions respectively while Malaysia and UK shared the seventh place.

The survey sees a possible link to religion in the trend of donations from the Sri Lankans saying the Myanmar where Theravda Buddhism is practiced like in Sri Lanka are among the first 10 positions.

A global survey of charitable giving conducted on 135 nations gives a hint of each of the countries spent time for others and came forward to make their donations.
The World Giving Index 2014 examined whether people donated money to a charity, volunteered their time to an organization or offered assistance to someone they didn’t know who needed help.
A whopping 2.3 billion people worldwide reported helping a stranger over the course of one month last year, and over 1.4 billion donated money to charitable causes in 2013.
It may not be surprising that the United States, one of the most affluent countries in the world, came on top as the most generous nation, but what is more startling is that the accolade is shared with Myanmar, a nation ranked 151 spots lower than the U.S. on the GDP per capita scale.

The full survey can been viewed at

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