In Sri Lanka only small balls have escaped the import ban.


smaller golf balls and ping pongs escaped the ban and o bigger cricket, tennis, football, and rugby balls have been banned.  and according to the economy, the next sportsmen are fuming.

How did the rich man’s golf ball escape? is a valid question that has not received an immediate explanation from the Treasury or the Central Bank which had selected the balls to be banned.
is it because a top man at the Central Bank loves playing small balls at the  Royal Colombo Golf Club said economy next.
Smaller balls —used for vehicles and machinery — were banned. The tiniest ball bearings (HS Code 8482.10.00) were also prohibited under the new decree.

The government also banned rackets and dummies.
Another wise move was to ban dummies.

Dummies and other lay figures, automata and other animated displays used for shop window dressing,

will be banned until further notice.
As about three hundred items have been banned those who trade with these items are rapidly losing their livelihoods.


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