timeless looks from Hameedia

hammediasHameedia, a popular brand name among fashionable men was awarded the winner of Mr. England 2017-19 –  Jack Eyers attended the fifth edition of Fouzul Hameed’s highly-anticipated fashion showcase – Concept 2018 by Hameedias.

This year, the show was prsented under the theme ‘CurioCity’, and is meant to inspire urban men to embrace their curiosity and intrigue when it comes to fashion, grooming and the latest style trends. The event will feature seven exclusive clothing collections including Down to Earth, Art in Loom, Contemporary, De Rigueur, GENZ, Prince of Wales and Celebrate Life, which will be made available at Hameedia outlets islandwide during the course of 2018.

The Envoy Concept show is a one of its kind in the country and derives its inspiration from global and international standards of menswear fashion. This year’s theme ‘CurioCity’ is meant to encourage gentlemen from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, to learn more about the latest trends in the fashion industry, so they can equip themselves with the knowledge and expertise needed to put together a mix of chic, eclectic, trendy and timeless looks.

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