A Generation Lost- phoenix to emerge Victor Ivan

Victor IvanThe editor of the Rawaya newspaper Victor Ivan  has pointed out that  the elder generation of politicians have lost out and the  political era to which  they have given leadership may come to and disastrous end.

“It will destroy not only Ranil Wickremesinghe and Mahinda Rajapaksa, but will also overwhelm all the leaders of the old generation, the putrid system of all institutions, system of government and the Constitution as well,poined out  .

How ever that’s not all. ‘It won’t stop at that; it will destroy the entire economy and plunge the country into a state of bankruptcy, thereby thrusting the people into a near-death situation’.

There is a silver line in every dark cloud says the veteran journalist. “The next age has to emerge phoenix-like from the dust and the debris left after a great devastation. The country will be compelled to start everything anew. If the people are intelligent, they can still turn a great catastrophe into a source of happiness the way the Japanese and the Germans did!”

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