Cashew wine to celebrate the new year

Cashew wine to celebrate the new year

The state cashew cooperation is planning to introduce Cashew wine by the month of April, said chairperson Saranga Rathnayaka. The laboratory testing for cashew win has been already done said the chairperson.

Cashew wine to celebrate the new year

Cashew wine is a light-yellow alcoholic drink prepared from the fruit of the cashew tree. It contains an alcohol content of between 6 and 12% alcohol.

Universal Drink
Cashew wine to celebrate the new yearMany countries across the world produce their own brand of cashew wine. In the Indian state of Goa, the ripened cashew apples are mashed and the juice is extracted and kept for fermentation for a few days which is called Neero. Fermented juice then undergoes a double distillation process. The resulting beverage is called feni or fenny. Feni is about 40–42% alcohol (80 – 84 proof). The single-distilled version is called urrak, which is about 15% alcohol (30 proof).[25] In Tanzania, the cashew apple (bibo in Swahili) is dried and reconstituted with water and fermented, then distilled to make a strong liquor called gongo


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