A Soft Spoken Man of Courage

karu-jayasuriyaThe soft spoken  Speaker  Karu Jayasooriya is been saluted by some and others see  him as a partisan villain  who has contributed to chaos.

As Jawarhalal Nehru once said the Speaker of the house becomes a symbol of nation’s freedom and liberty and untill the recent happenings Speaker  Karu Jayasooriya was largely respected by all parties representing parliament. How ever now things have changed

Members of Parliament, despite bearing the prefix “Honourable” have challenged the speaker in  a very parliamentary manner. How ever the speaker has proved his metal by conducting the parliament under pressing circumstance.

The speaker, was jeered and hooted and insulted for performing his duties but he was unshaken. President Sirisena went public on how he attempted to offer him the primer-ship on a platter but  Karu Jayasooriya a man of principal flatly rejected the offer.

 Karu Jayasooriya has made it clear that running the parliament is his business while his opponents accuse him for taking over the Presidents functions by not recognising  his appointee Rajapaksha, as Prime minister. .

This gesture of Jayasooriya is remarkable given the fact that him self once was up with arms against Wickramasingha..

After several abortive attempts to oust Wickremesinghe from the party leadership, Jayasuriya led a group of 18 parliamentarians, including several party front-liners, in crossing over to the Rajapaksha camp.

He resigned from his Public Administration and Home Affairs portfolio on 9 December 2008 and rejoined the UNP as its deputy leader and since then he has been loyal to the leader.

Those who praise Karu Jayasuriya observe that he  has   given courageous leadership to those resisting unconstitutional moves.

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