The Army returns land and moves on

armyThe return of 54 acres of land in the fishing village of Myliddy to its inhabitants has been welcomed by the local residents.
The army has held these plots of land that belonged to about 200 households for nearly three decades.

Myliddy is has been a traditional fishing village and the fishing community is eager to return to their trade. Jaffna army commander Major General Darshana Hettiarachchi said that”. “Before releasing land, we assess the security situation, looking at whether there is any security threat in the area, or whether there is a possible LTTE resurgence. Asked about the current security situation, Mr. Hettiarachchi said: “It is 100 per cent okay”, adding that there was no threat of LTTE resurgence.
How ever there is more land to be returned and the residents are demanding that the remaining land in army control also be released soon.

The Ministry of Resettlement said that over 70,000 acres used by the armed forces have so far released.

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