Big payout for military to release land

armySri Lanka government has paid millions to its military for the release of a few acres of land forcibly taken over from Tamils eight years ago. The claim is been made by the organisation journalist for democracy in Sri Lanka .

The army returned 133.34 acres of occupied land in the heavily militarised north eastern district of Mullaitivu after the government paid nearly one million US dollars. Original landowners have been protesting for almost ten months demanding the release of their land occupied by the military since 2009.

However, the military has not agreed to vacate the land until it has been paid. Ministry of Prison Reforms, Resettlement, Rehabilitation and Hindu Affairs had paid the military 148 million Sri Lanka rupees for the release of land in Keppapulavu to 85

Following a demand by the military in July last year, the government approved the request by Minister for Resettlement DM Swaminathan in August for ‘relocation’. The Sri Lanka military is the single largest landowner in the predominantly Tamil north and runs many lucrative business including upmarket tourism.

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