Futuristic New Year Message from President

Maithripala-SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena has said in his new year message that every passing moment adds to our knowledge and experience and at the same time, each and every moment of the future will judge our capabilities to face new emerging challenges. Although new year messages are customary these comments are ironic

Currently the government is under fire on number of fronts including high cost of living , delays and lethargy in tackling corruption, fuel l shortages and a pending shortage of fertiliser .

The future of the Sirisena –Wickramasingha coalution will largely depend on how these issues are resolved . Presidient Sirisena invites the country to achive a level of excellence, It needs to be taken in to account that excellence which is a futuristic scenario could be achieved on progressive prescient.

It would be good for all the drivers of government to take a reality check of the present and find out what needs to done to contain the bluets of discontent that are been fired by the men and women on the streets

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