Could Sri Lanka and Kerala Tourism Collaborate ?

keralaSri Lanka and Kerala are very similar in many ways. The habitats very much look alike , the food and people of Kerala and Sri Lanka look alike.

Now travel between these two locations can be done at ease. Daily flights link Colombo with airports in Kerala Arundika Fernando, Deputy Minister for Tourism and Christian Religious Affairs of Sri Lanka who visited Kerala said that there is no rivalry whatsoever between Kerala and  Sri Lanka.

The tourism industry in the state has of late been complaining that Kerala is losing its tourists to neighboring Sri Lanka. the island country.

The Sri Lankan state minister was in Kochi to launch a tourism venture that would facilitate tourists who come to Kerala to visit Sri Lanka and vice-versa.

“Tourists do not stay in one place when on a vacation. If they come to Kerala, they travel to nearby places as well, including Sri Lanka. So, we should be promoting each other to maximize the number of tourist arrivals to our destinations,” Fernando said.

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