Thamilnadu needs stop blameing Sri Lanka and take care of it’s Fisherman

tamilnaduTamil Nadu needs to stop the blaming Sri Lanka and look after its artisan fisherman, suggests Rahul Muralidharan of the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, Bengaluru.

Rahul argues that the ongoing drought of Tamilnadu which has been its worst in 140 years has a significant impact on the lives of fisherman.

His argument is that when it rains, the water flows as rivulets and then as a river. These rivers empty into estuaries, which go on to flush rich nutrients into the sea. Such an influx invites small fish to forage in near-shore waters, which then attract larger fish from deeper waters. These processes do not occur during a drought thanks to the paltry water that flows down to the sea, resulting in a drop in fish numbers and catch.

Rahul points out that In drought years, fishers invest more effort to catch fish, even resulting in conflicts among themselves.

Tamil Nadu’s near-shore fisheries are already burdened by intensive fishing activities. Now the lack of rains makes for more reasons to prepare ourselves for an uncertain climatic future.
Rahul points out that the Tamilnadu government has not adequately addressed the issues faced by artisanal fishers who depend entirely on fishing in near-shore waters.

He points out that the provincial administration is practicing the ritual of
Writing to the prime minister requesting to the release of fishermen arrested or boats impounded by the Sri Lankan navy.
Cross-boundary fishing is a sensitive issue that deserves immediate resolution. But blindly supporting the actions of fishermen for political reasons cannot be justified, argues Rahul.
He says that action needs to be manage Thamilnadius fisheries resoursers.

Thamilnadu needs deviate from its distructive bottom trawling practice and look in to the issues of the small artsinal fisher follk . Artisanal fishers are independent enough to take care of their livelihoods but a policey and practice to support them needs to be put in place.Insted india keeps blameing sri lanka and fasilitates the fishing merchants who own trawlers.

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