Lance Gibbs On Memory Lane

lancegibbsAfter a long chase journalist Vaneisa Baksh made it to legendary cricketer lance Gibbs.They met in Guyana. The cool man was happy to take a walk down memory lane.Gibbs took three wickets in four balls in Sydney and a hat-trick in Adelaide.

Gibbs was the first spinner to take more than 300 wickets. The early 1960s were Gibbs’ most productive period in Test cricket, and his greatest achievements came in the 1961–62 home series against India. Over the course of five Tests he picked up 24 wickets at just 20.41 apiece,

lance on Murali


Lance Gibbs turned 84 on September 29.

He had many stories to share with journalist Vaneisa:

some about appalling behaviour by famous cricketers, some amusing. “I remember my first tour was to Antigua and the senior fellas, their knowledge of the game, you want to learn from them.” He went knocking at the door of two of the players who were rooming together. He was greeted by a sight he has not forgotten. “Young man, what you’ve seen in here, do not disclose,” he was told. “They sleeping naked!” He guffaws. “Naked! I say, ‘What the hell is this? I ain’t coming back!'” He laughs mischievously. As he wafts down the zigzag lane of memories, odd fragments poke their heads out; the connections are sometimes lost on me, but I imagine that as he takes his journey, he knows all the intersections.
This one is about the nature of West Indian supporters, at Kensington Oval in Barbados. “They had a woman outside named Maude. She used to sell things like guineps and fruits on a tray. I think we were playing for the West Indies, and she see me coming out of the gate. This woman come running behind me with she tray. ‘You, Gibbs, you! When you come here to play Barbados, we going cut your tail’, and she running behind me. ‘But when you playing for the West Indies, you are my boy!’ I say, ‘Yeah?’ And I just go back inside the ground.” He sucks his teeth. “They ain’t easy!

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