The Data Processing Challenge is Big

nirmalie wiratungaProcessing vast amounts of data is akey challange faced by scientist said Prof. Nirmalie Wiratunga Speaking at the Big Data Forum for Data Enthusiasts organized by Informatics Institute of Technology she pointed out that approximately 90% of data in the world has been generated within just the last two years..This data will be of little or no use if it is not processed ina meaningful manner.

Curation of data is of prime importance she pointed out.

Prof. Nirmalie explained that data scientists have to go through vast amounts of data and then learn how to process it. But it’s not just about figuring out what data is relevant or obsolete, but rather to figure out how to curate it.

In digital health, for example, a person can generate a Million GB of data throughout his/her lifetime. That’s the equivalent of 300 million books. The goal here is to map out a person’s health and see how one person’s data can help prolong the health of millions of other people.

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