Testicles Removed After Police Assault

Testicles Removed After Police Assault

A young man underwent surgery to remove his testicles at Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital, allegedly due to a police assault. He is currently receiving treatment following the procedure conducted on Tuesday (9).

Reportedly, six officers from Medawachchiya police restrained the victim, a 23-year-old resident of Thulawellia area in Medawachchiya, and subjected him to severe physical assault. According to the victim, he was driving his mini-lorry with a companion after repairs when they were stopped at a traffic checkpoint. After being dragged out of the vehicle, he was assaulted while his friend was attacked by other officers using clubs. Subsequently, both were taken to Medawachchiya police station where the assault continued. Despite expressing his medical distress, he was only taken to the hospital upon the doctor’s insistence.

Surgical Removal

Medical examinations revealed internal hemorrhage affecting his testicle, necessitating surgical removal. The victim now suffers from severe abdominal, neck, and spinal pain. He claims ignorance regarding the reason for the assault.

In contrast, OIC Medawachchiya police  said that the lorry had evaded the traffic checkpoint, prompting officers to pursue and arrest the driver and his companion. Allegations of unruly behaviour, alcohol intoxication, and possession of illicit liquor were levelled against them. The driver, without a valid license, faced charges related to drunken driving and disobedience to police orders. However, upon experiencing testicular pain, he was hospitalized.

The officers denied accusations of assault and have been reassigned to another police station.



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