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Sri Lankan asylum seekers challenge Diego Garcia

In October 2021, a group of Tamil asylum seekers who claimed that they are  fleeing persecution in Sri

Sri Lankan asylum seekers challenge Diego Garcia

Political circles speculate that a grand alliance comprising the Sri Lanka Freedom Party of former President Maithripala Sirisena

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Tour operators call for a global campaign

The tourism sector has called for a vigor’s global campaign to accomplish its ambitious goal

Could gains of GI for Cinnamon be maximized?

The recent achievement of Sri Lanka receiving the certification of Geographical Indication (GI) for Ceylon

Seven road accidents per day – billions spent on judicial process  

Road accidents are increasing at an alarming rate and 2470 deaths have been reported last

Subsidizing not the main reason for CPC loss

Verité Research, an independent think-tank based in Colombo, has come up with an interesting analysis

Cashew wine to celebrate the new year

The state cashew cooperation is planning to introduce Cashew wine by the month of April,

Fruit ripening needs to be regulated

It is no secret that bananas and many other fruits are ripened by using chemical