A Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant

A Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant

Soaring through the clouds, many envision the glamorous life of a flight attendant, exploring new destinations and meeting interesting people. However, a recent  session on Reddit by a 25-year veteran paints a more nuanced picture, revealing a profession riddled with challenges alongside unique rewards.

The anonymous attendant’s account unveils a stark reality. Passengers disregarding regulations, from smoking in lavatories to drunken disruptions, present constant hurdles.


A flight attendant has left the internet stunned after revealing some of the “disgusting” things he has seen on flights in his career spanning 25 years with a major US Airline.

When asked about the most disgusting thing he has ever seen on the flight, he said he has seen “used condoms, nasty underwear (male and female) and used tampons”.

He also said that some of the disobedient passengers are responsible for a lot of the flight attendants’ stress.

The flight attendant said that he catches people trying to smoke in the lavatory every week.

About drunk passengers who cause trouble, he said that he spots one every six months.

“Not very often. I say one every six months. But it also depends on what cities you fly into. For example, in Las Vegas, there are lots of drunks trying to get on flights,” he wrote on Reddit.

When a user asked if he had ever been involved with a passenger or coworker while on the job or after clocking off, the attendant said, “‘Passenger, yes. Other crew… I’ve had offers but nope.”


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