Be Careful of Blue Label Hoax

Be Careful of Blue Label Hoax

There have been a number of incidents where Blue label whiskey bottles added into New Year hampers be counter fits or diluted stuff .
Counterfeiting of high-end and expensive spirits is a persistent issue in the beverage industry. The high price tag of Blue Label makes it an attractive target for fraud, as consumers may be enticed by discounted prices without realizing the authenticity risks.
Raids conducted by the Department of Excise to ensure the integrity of premium alcoholic beverages are crucial in maintaining consumer trust and safety.

As the price tag for Blue label whiskey crossed the one hundred thousand line many were lured into the discounted alcohol trap and as the manager of a leading wine store revealed many who consumed the whiskey did not know the difference as they had not had Blue label before.
Currently, a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is priced at LKR 132.000.

In several raids conducted by Officers of the Department of Excise previously it was found that the possibility of alcohol in the upper price range being contaminated or diluted is higher because it makes higher profits.

The Blue Label is crafted from a selection of rare and exceptional whiskies, each aged for a minimum of 12 years. The blend is created by the Master Blender, who carefully selects and combines whiskies to achieve a unique and sophisticated flavour profile.

These whiskies may come from distilleries that are no longer in operation or from limited cask releases.

Blue Label is often packaged in a distinctive blue box and bottle, making it visually striking. The packaging reflects the premium nature of the whisky and enhances its appeal to consumers looking for a luxurious experience.

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