Russia unleashes fresh barrage of missiles and drones against Ukraine

Russia unleashes fresh barrage of missiles and drones against Ukraine

KyivCNN — 

Russia unleashed another large barrage of missiles and drones against Ukraine on Saturday, the fourth such attack since December 29, amid concerns that Moscow is trying to overwhelm Ukraine’s air defence.

The Russian assault was comprised of 40 attack weapons including cruise, aeroballistic, ballistic, aircraft, anti-aircraft guided missiles as well as strike UAVs, according to the Ukrainian Air Force.

Ukraine managed to take down eight missiles, its air force said. Additionally they stated that “over 20 launched air attack weapons did not reach their targets due to extensive electronic warfare countermeasures.

The air raid warnings and defences were activated across the country. There were impacts in several regions, including the city of Chernihiv in northern Ukraine and Dnipro in the east.

In Chernihiv, missile fragments caused damage to unoccupied civilian residential buildings in the city, according to the police.

“The fragments of an enemy missile caused destruction in the private residential area of Chernihiv. Luckily, no people were injured”, the police wrote on Telegram.

The area was previously damaged which is why there were no civilian casualties, the local mayor said.

In Dnipro, there were incoming hits in the city, according to the head of Dnipropetrovsk region military administration Serhii Lysak.

“We are now establishing the extent of the damage caused by the strikes. However, people are always the priority. Luckily, everyone is safe”, Lysak wrote on Telegram.

Saturday’s attacks are the fourth largest since Russia started large countrywide barrages on December 29.

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