Cancer Among Children is Increasing

Cancer Among Children is Increasing

Consultant Paediatrician Lady Ridgeway Hospital Dr. Deepal Perera yesterday said that there was an increase in cancer among children.

Dr. Perera said that two years back there had been around 500 cases of cancer in children reported per year and during the last two years the number had gone up to around 900. Speaking to the media during a ceremony to mark World Cancer Day on Sunday (04), Dr. Perera said that obesity, addiction to short eats and sweet drinks, mobile phone use and canned food consumption had altered the lifestyles of children making them prone to cancer.


To avoid this, parents must take care to breast feed every child during their first six months, he said, adding that children should be motivated for more outdoor exercises.

Dr Perera said that increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables would help children stay healthy

(the Island)

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