Chinese Military Facility in SL?

Chinese Military Facility in SL?

China’s Military Expansion Plans Extend to Sri Lanka, US Intelligence Report Reveals


According to the latest report from the US Intelligence Community, China is reportedly considering establishing military facilities in various locations, including Sri Lanka. This move expands upon its existing military presence in Djibouti and the Ream Naval Base in Cambodia.

The report outlines China’s ambitious goal to achieve a fully modernized national defense and military force by 2035, with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) aspiring to become a world-class military by 2049. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) aims to utilize the PLA to assert its sovereignty, dominate regional affairs, and project power globally, particularly to deter US intervention in a cross-Strait conflict.

However, the assessment highlights China’s lack of recent warfighting experience, which could potentially weaken the effectiveness of the PLA and leaders’ willingness to engage in conflict.

Furthermore, the report suggests that President Xi Jinping’s emphasis on security and stability for the CCP may undermine China’s ability to address complex domestic issues effectively.

Beijing’s firm stance on alleged separatism in regions like Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Tibet, coupled with broader crackdowns on religion and dissent within China, has drawn significant global criticism for human rights abuses and interference beyond its borders.

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