Coconut Water Sweetens Economy

Coconut Water Sweetens Economy

 Coconut water has earned  Rs. 3,439 million was earned in February.Sri Lankan Coconut Water is coming a popular health drink world wide.
Professor Roshan Perera Chairman  of  the Coconut Development Authority (CDA) said that here has been an increase in export income of Rs. 734 million by the pre-spring months of this year compared to last year.

As of 2022, the size of the global coconut water market was US$ 6.4 billion. IMARC Group projects that the market will grow at a rate of 16.5%  from 2023 to 2028, reaching US$ 16.5 billion by that time.

Health Benefits 

Coconut water contains a good amount of potassium which is essential for muscle function ,and  calcium, which is crucial for bone health.

Coconut water also provides magnesium, which plays a role in protein synthesis, blood sugar regulation, and muscle and nerve function.

Coconut water contains 94% water and very little fat. It should not be confused with coconut milk, which is made by adding water to grated coconut meat. Coconut milk contains about 50% water and is quite high in fat.

Global Market  

Coconut water-based sports drinks and energy drinks are been actively promoted in the western markets, capitalizing on its natural electrolyte content.

Sri Lanka faces competition from other coconut-producing countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, which are already established players in the global coconut water market

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