Crime is Escalating 

Crime is Escalating 

Sri Lanka, is faceting a serious challenge with the crime rate sky rocketing . Drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorist financing, pyramid and Ponzi schemes, gun violence, illegal arms trade, and money laundering, is increasingly undermining the rule of law points out analyst Thanuri Jayoda.

Despite the recent crack down on drugs  trafficking of drugs along the sea routes seem to be continuing

One of the most significant threats posed by organized crime in Sri Lanka is drug trafficking. The island’s strategic location in the Indian Ocean makes it a transit point for drug routes between Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Europe. The influx of drugs exacerbates social issues, increases violence, and strains law enforcement resources. The proliferation of drugs not only impacts public health but also fuels other criminal activities, creating a vicious cycle of crime and instability.

Human trafficking is another grave concern, with Sri Lanka being both a source and destination country. Victims, often lured by false promises of employment or better living conditions, find themselves trapped in exploitative conditions, further complicating the social fabric of the nation. This illicit trade undermines human rights and contributes to the broader spectrum of organized crime.

Financial crimes, including pyramid and Ponzi schemes, have also taken root in Sri Lanka, swindling countless individuals out of their savings and destabilizing the financial sector. These schemes thrive on deception and often leave a trail of financial ruin, eroding public trust in financial institutions and governance.

Analyst point out that the king pins of organized crime and their money will have a decisive impact on the elections that are to take place in the coming days.


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