Digital Nomads excited about new Nomad” Visa

Digital Nomads excited about new Nomad” Visa

The newly introduced “Nomad” visa for foreigners engaged in online work has been welcomed by many international travel intermediaries. Dorathy Liyanda, a member of the WIFI tribe who previously worked from Ahangama, Sri Lanka, believes Sri Lanka has the potential to become a major digital nomad hotspot in the coming years.

While acknowledging Sri Lanka’s stunning natural beauty with pristine beaches, lush rainforests, rolling hills, and ancient ruins, she points out that it faces challenges and isn’t quite on par with established destinations like Bali and Bangkok.

Introducing the new Nomad Visa, Immigration and Emigration Controller General Harsha Ilukpitiya stated that it allows online workers to work from Sri Lanka, with a simplified application process. He further mentioned that travellers in Sri Lanka can now extend their Tourist visas online from their home countries for the entire period of their stay. Investors, too, can obtain visas for stays ranging from 10 to 15 years.

However, Dorathy Liyanda adds that much depends on two key factors: safety and stability for Sri Lanka’s visitors who wish to make it their workplace, and improved 4G connectivity.

The Digital Nomad work practice is on the rise, with many young entrepreneurs engaging in online currency trading. This profession, ideal for digital nomads due to its location independence, allows them to travel the world while managing their investments. Successful currency traders can generate significant income, funding their nomadic lifestyle and providing financial security.

The Uk  based Guardian referring to reports said “Digital Nomads have moved from eccentrics to mainstream in less than a decade”, with one in nine (11%) US workers now describing themselves as one. Another  report said it expects the global number of digital nomads to top 40 million this year, and rise to about 60 million by 2030.

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