Do Women Enjoy Pornography?

Do Women Enjoy Pornography?

. It’s surprising that 2019 Google Analytics data show that the audience for PornHub, one of the world’s most popular porn sites (30 billion views annually), is 32 percent female.

Corroborating evidence on female porn viewing comes from a University of Denver study of 1,291 coupled individuals. Among the women, 45 percent said they watched with their partners, 30 percent by themselves.


Who Are They?

Sexologists generally agree that porn-watching women fall into four groups:

Some feel curious about sexual technique and view porn to learn more.
Others experience male-style lust, feel as horny as most men, and like virtually all Internet-connected men, use porn as a visual aid while self-sexing.
Some view feminist porn.

Like boys (and many older men), girls (and many older women) feel uninformed about sex and curious about intercourse positions, oral sex, and kinky play. They know that porn is only a few taps or clicks away on phones or computers.

Global Trends:

Last year, 26% Indian women watched pornography.

While lesbian porn was found to be the runaway hit among women, women across the globe are also watching more “hardcore” acts than men, revealed the study done by popular general interest website Pornhub in collaboration with New York-based news website, The Daily Beast.

The data came from nearly 40 million Pornhub users.
A study carried out with a global sample revelled a number of interesting statistics :
Compared to the worldwide average of 24% female porn viewers — an increase of one percent over the previous year, the Philippines and Brazil took the lead with 35% female viewers.

India and Argentina came in a close second with 30% female porn viewers.
Using high-tech analytics software, the study revealed that women are also more selective than men when it comes to online porn viewing.

“Women are spending more time watching porn – a worldwide average of 10 minutes and 10 seconds compared to men at just nine minutes and 22 seconds,” the results showed.
Japan presented the largest proportional gap between male and female porn viewers (83% male and 17% female).
Women in the US ranked pretty low (23% women and 77% male).

Nearly 24% of women in France visit online porn websites regularly.
Earlier, global research firm Pew Research Centre in 2013 surveyed the online viewing habits of 1,003 Americans and found that 25 percent of men admitted to watching porn in comparison to eight percent of women. How ever there are a large amount of women who dot watch and may be offended with pornography.

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