Dubai Flights Suspended

Dubai Flights Suspended

The recent heavy rain in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has brought about significant challenges, particularly in Dubai, where waterlogged roads and flooding have disrupted daily life. Reports of flooded areas in Dubai highlight the severity of the downpour, with several portions of the city affected by the inundation.

One of the consequences of this inclement weather was the temporary suspension of flight operations at Dubai International Airport. The intense storm prompted a 25-minute halt in operations to ensure the safety of passengers and staff. However, with the storm passing, flight operations have since resumed.

Despite the resumption of airport activities, the aftermath of the heavy rain persists, with major flooding observed on roads leading to the airport. The authorities are closely monitoring the situation, and forecasts suggest that the unsettled weather may continue until tomorrow morning.

showing Dubai International Airport’s tarmac underwater, with large planes trying to navigate through the floodwaters. Several inbound and outbound flights were reportedly cancelled.

The airport, which is now the second-busiest airport in the world, looked more like a river as the spray from the planes’ movement rippled through the deep water.


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