Fake Passport Providers Nabbed

Fake Passport Providers Nabbed

A support group within the Immigration & Emigration  Department  who have been helping the underworld have been revealed by the Police.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has apprehended a Deputy Controller of Immigration & Emigration and a former Deputy Controller for their involvement in issuing passports containing false information to underworld figures Nuresh Supun Dayaratne, alias “Heenatiyana Mahesh”, and Shan Arosh Liyanage, alias “Mathugama Shan,” as confirmed by the police today.

One of the arrested individuals is scheduled for presentation before the Vavuniya Magistrate’s Court, while the other will appear before the Kaduwela Magistrate’s Court.

The probe revealed that the detained Deputy Controller of Immigration and Emigration had furnished Nuresh Supun Dayaratne, alias “Heenatiyana Mahesh,” with a counterfeit passport registered under the fictitious identity of “Manikkuge Dinesh Silva,” complete with fabricated passport and national identity card (NIC) numbers.

This Deputy Controller was apprehended by the CID while undergoing medical treatment at Sri Jayawardenepura Hospital.

Furthermore, it was uncovered that a former Deputy Controller of the Immigration Department had facilitated Shan Arosh Liyanage, alias “Mathugama Shan,” with a forged passport.

The said former Deputy Controller had orchestrated the issuance of a fake passport under the name “Dodangoda Liyanage Rajesh Kumara Jayasinghe.”

Additional information suggests that the implicated former Deputy Controller, presently serving as a Deputy Director at the Pensions Department, played a role in this illicit activity.


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