Forget the Rice! Apple Warns

Forget the Rice! Apple Warns

Forget the Rice! Apple Warns Against Drying Your iPhone This Way
Ever accidentally dropped your iPhone in water? You’re not alone! But listen up, Apple says the popular trick of drying it in rice is actually bad for your phone.


Here’s the deal: those tiny rice grains can get stuck inside your phone and cause more harm than good. Instead, Apple recommends:

Gently tap: Get rid of excess water by tapping your phone (lightning port down) against your hand.
Air it out: Find a cool, dry spot with good airflow and leave your phone there to chill for a while. Think patience, not hair dryers!
Wait to charge: After at least 30 minutes (or even 24 hours!), try charging again. Don’t force it if you see a warning message – just give it more time to dry.
Remember, even new iPhones (12 and later) can handle water for a bit, but drying methods matter. So ditch the rice, follow Apple’s tips, and hopefully your phone will be back to normal in no time!

P.S. Apple also says to avoid:

Using heat sources like hair dryers or radiators.
Poking the charging port with cotton swabs or tissues.
Stay safe and dry, tech friends!

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