French Court Releases  ‘Kudu Anju’

French Court Releases ‘Kudu Anju’

Sinharage Saminda Silva, widely known as ‘Kudu Anju,’ a notorious figure in the Sri Lankan underworld, has been released on the orders of a French court. ‘Kudu Anju’ was apprehended in France in April, facing charges related to multiple organized crimes, including the murder of Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Municipal Council member Ranjan de Silva and large-scale drug trafficking.

Despite Interpol issuing a Red Notice for his arrest, ‘Kudu Anju’ operated his drug syndicate while in hiding abroad. The recent release by the French court has raised concerns about Sri Lanka’s efforts to apprehend organized criminals operating from overseas.

In response to the ruling, the Mt. Lavinia Police arrested four individuals for allegedly hosting a ‘drug-fuelled party’ and celebrating ‘Kudu Anju’s’ release with firecrackers

Not Final Ruling

Sri Lanka’s pursuit of justice faces a setback with the French Court of Appeal ruling against the extradition of ‘Kudu Anju.’ Although communicated to Sri Lankan authorities on February 1, 2024, a top official emphasizes that this is not the final judgement, and the conclusive ruling will be delivered after the completion of the judicial process in the coming weeks.

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Paris is actively engaged in communication with the French Foreign Affairs Ministry to seek further clarification on the ruling. Public Security Minister Tiran Alles had earlier mentioned a government initiative to arrest 30 criminals involved in drug trafficking and criminal activities abroad, including countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and France. Despite challenges, the government remains committed to employing various strategies to apprehend criminals, as stated by Minister Alles



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