hand Cuff Key Lost-Free to Talk

hand Cuff Key Lost-Free to Talk

The suspect arrested in connection with the torching of President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s private residence in 2022 was able to get bail from the

Colombo Magistrate Court.

The suspect has been identified as a tuition class teacher in the Boralesgamuwa area, according to police.

Although he was released on bail  he could not be released immediately as the prison officials had lost the keys of the handcuffs.

The suspect made the best of the opportunity. He  spoke to a you tuber while in hand cuffs. The prison official were helpless as the suspect was on bail and he was free to speak.

He said that the police produced a photograph a person claiming that it was him who was at the  presidents private residence on the said day but  it was not him who was in the photograph.

Speaking on the political situation he said that people need to be alert on the moves of Ranil Wickramasinha who is trying to enact new legislation to corner the protesters. Later the prison official took the suspect who spoke  and another suspect to sort out the issue of the misplaced key .



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