Indian Arms for SL

Indian Arms for SL

Santosh Jha, High Commissioner of India, delivered a speech at the Second Seminar on India-Sri Lanka Defence Cooperation held in Colombo. The seminar aimed to deepen and strengthen defence cooperation between the two countries.
He emphasized India’s commitment to supporting Sri Lanka in various areas, including defence, based on the principles of generosity and non-reciprocity. Which is seen as a invitation to Sri Lanka for more arms and defence related purchasers from India.

India’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India) has led to significant developments in the Indian defence industry, with a focus on innovation, technology, and capability development said Jha.
India aims to share its defence capabilities with friendly partner countries like Sri Lanka, with a significant increase in defence exports in recent years. Collaboration between the public and private sectors, along with initiatives like iDEX, facilitates the development of modern and affordable solutions for the Sri Lankan military were emphasised by the high commissioner.

Commentator’s Observations
A number of political and military commentators were contacted by lanka News Line and commented on the condition of anonymity. This is what they had to say
Sri Lanka should evaluate the cost-effectiveness of purchasing arms from India compared to other options available in the market. The affordability of the arms, including the procurement cost, maintenance, and long-term support, should be taken into account.

Sri Lanka should assess the quality and reliability of the arms offered by India. It should consider factors such as the performance, durability, and track record of Indian defence equipment to ensure they meet Sri Lanka’s standards and requirements.

China is a key supplier of arms and defence related supplies and Sri Lanka should consider the regional implications of its defence procurement decisions, particularly in relation to its neighbours and regional stability. Purchasing arms from India should not escalate tensions or lead to regional security concerns.
Sri Lanka may explore diversifying its arms suppliers to reduce dependency on any single source. While India could be a viable option, Sri Lanka should also consider other countries and suppliers that offer competitive and reliable defence solutions.

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