Leas of State Land

Leas of State Land

Sri Lanka Leases Underused State Lands to Boost Agricultural Exports
In a bid to generate more income through agricultural exports and create jobs, the Sri Lankan government announced plans to lease underutilized state lands to private entrepreneurs. The initiative targets unproductive land currently managed by the Janatha Estate Development Board (JEDB) and the Sri Lanka State Plantations Corporation (SLSPC).

“The proposed program aims to lease out these lands to local entrepreneurs with the capacity to cultivate export-oriented crops, establish livestock farms for export purposes and engage in the production of other exportable goods and services,” Co-Cabinet Spokesman and Minister Bandula Gunawardena said at the post-Cabinet media briefing


“This policy aims to make optimal use of these lands and create more jobs at the village level,” explained Dr. M.M. S.S. B. Yalegama, Secretary of the non-cabinet State Plantation and Enterprise Reform Ministry.

Private Entrepreneurs:

Leases will be awarded to companies formed by private entrepreneurs, ensuring business sustainability and job creation in the regions. Export-oriented crops like tea, rubber, coconut, and spices will be prioritized.

Land parcels of 300-400 acres will be leased for 30-40 years, depending on the chosen crop. A committee will identify suitable lands next week, and proposals will be called for subsequently.

There have been a number of issues in the past where lease holders have exploited the lease hold land for their own benefit by felling the available timer and moving away . Also there have been issues of transparency in the leasing out of government owned  lands. The leasing out process has not been announced yet.

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