Litro : Fourteen in the Bid

Litro : Fourteen in the Bid

Litro Gas Lanka is Sri Lanka’s national LPG provider providing LPG as a clean, green energy to over 04 million Sri Lankans.At a national level, Litro Gas fulfills the LPG requirements of households, businesses and commercial ventures across various spectrums in the country.The Company maintains a vibrant presence in the Sri Lankan energy sector., and is up for biding.

Fourteen investors have expressed interest in the divestiture of Litro Gas Lanka Ltd and Litro Gas Terminal (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka’s State Owned Enterprises Restructuring Unit said.


The following parties have responded an EOI

1. Epdesa Pte Ltd, Singapore
2. Bharat Petroleum Cop. Ltd., India
3. Ayaz Anonim Sirketi, Republic of Türkiye
4. SiamGas and Petrochemicals Public Company Limited, Thailand
6. Confidence Petroleum India Limited, India
7. OQ Trading Limited, UAE
8. Tristar Group, UAE
9. Laugfs Gas PLC, Sri Lanka
10. United Petroleum Holdings, Malaysia
11. Vitol Asia Pte Ltd., Singapore
12. Infinity NGC, Sri Lanka
13. China National Aero Techno, Sri Lanka
14. Consulting Engineers & Contractors, Sri Lanka


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