Major Drug Peddler Kudu Roshan Nabbed in Crackdown

Major Drug Peddler Kudu Roshan Nabbed in Crackdown

Colombo: In a breakthrough for the ongoing anti-drug operation ‘Yukthiya’, notorious drug peddler Kudu Roshan has been arrested, marking a significant development in the fight against narcotics trafficking in Sri Lanka. Notably, Roshan operated as a loner in the trade, setting him apart from major drug networks.

Fugitive Apprehended: After fleeing to Nuwaraeliya, Roshan was successfully apprehended by authorities at Warakapola while attempting to return to Colombo. This capture signifies a crucial victory in disrupting his illegal activities.

Luxurious Assets Snatched: The operation extended beyond Roshan’s arrest, leading to the seizure of three luxurious properties and a high-end SUV. These include:

A two-story mansion in Rajawatta Terrace, Ekala, was purchased for over Rs 20 million in cash instalments.

A separate luxury house in Nivannam.

A high-value SUV is estimated to be worth over Rs 7 million.

CID sources report that these assets, amassed through ill-gotten gains from drug trafficking, were cleverly registered under the names of Roshan’s mistress and relatives.

Wider Raids Continue Roshan’s capture and asset seizure form part of the larger ‘Yukthiya’ initiative, aimed at crippling the financial base of major drug traffickers and gangsters. Meanwhile, Sri Lankan authorities report additional progress in the nationwide crackdown:

More than 1,400 individuals were apprehended during a 24-hour police operation.
A total of 13,666 suspects were arrested during the week-long anti-drug drive.
Nearly 440kg of various narcotics, including heroin, were confiscated.

While concerns about legality during raids have been raised, authorities maintain that proper procedures were followed. Additionally, 1,097 addicts were transferred to a military-run rehabilitation centre, demonstrating efforts to address both supply and demand aspects of the drug problem.

Sri Lanka’s Fight Against Drugs: This operation continues a sustained national effort to combat drug trafficking. It’s noteworthy that Sri Lanka’s biggest drug haul by weight remains the seizure of 800kg of cocaine in December 2016, highlighting the seriousness of the issue. The recent capture of Roshan and confiscation of his assets offer promising progress in dismantling the financial networks that fuel this illegal trade.

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