Majority of Sri Lankan voters undecided

Majority of Sri Lankan voters undecided

According to the latest SLOTS polling, the support among likely voters for the major parties in Sri Lanka remained with little change from the previous month.

The SJB and NPP/JVP remain ahead with 24% and 23% each, and the SLPP and UNP on 9% and 8% each. But the largest share – 30% of likely voters – remained unwilling to name any party.

The latest MRP estimates using the SLOTS polling data confirm a general decline in support for the NPP/JVP and SJB since early 2023, with modest increases in support for the UNP and SLPP, which both remain behind.

They also confirm a large increase in voters who say they will vote for another party but are unwilling or unable to say which.

This suggests that none of the major parties have succeeded in making a convincing case to the public, and it implies that there is potential for big changes in support in the coming months.

The methodology used for the SLOTS polling is sound, and the results are credible. However, it is important to note that polls are only a snapshot of public opinion at a particular point in time, and they can be affected by a number of factors, such as the wording of the questions, the timing of the poll, and the sample size.

Overall, the results of the SLOTS polling suggest that the Sri Lankan electorate is still undecided about who to vote for in the next election. This is a fluid situation, and it is likely that the results will change in the coming months.

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