Miraculous Escape of Baby Kaveeshan

Miraculous Escape of Baby Kaveeshan

Miraculous Escape of Baby Kaveeshan: Journey from Katharagama to Kithulgala”

 “Read about the incredible escape of one-month-old Kuganeshan Kaveeshan during a family trip from Katharagama. Discover how quick thinking and a piece of cloth on the road saved the baby. Updates on Kaveeshan’s well-being from Lady Ridgeway hospital director, Dr. G. Wijesooriya.”

In a miraculous incident, one-month-old Kuganeshan Kaveeshan had a narrow escape during a family trip from Katharagama to Kithulgala. The family, returning from their journey, found themselves in a harrowing situation when the mother fell asleep, and Kaveeshan slipped and fell on the road in the Kithulgala area.

Ranjith Kumara, a vigilant driver traveling behind them, noticed a piece of cloth on the road. Instinctively, he drew over it, placing it in the middle of the road. Suspicious of the situation, he stopped the car, realizing the need for urgency as a lorry approached. To his surprise, he discovered the little one, wrapped in warm clothing and crying.

The family, traveling in a three-wheeler, only realized the child was missing after covering about three miles. Upon retracing their route, a motorist informed them that a child had been found and taken to the Kithulgala hospital. Subsequently, Kaveeshan was transferred to the Lady Ridgeway hospital, where the Hospital Director, Dr. G. Wijesooriya, assured that the baby is doing well and out of danger.


Ranjith Kumara Saved the Child

This heart-warming tale showcases the importance of vigilance and quick action, ultimately leading to the miraculous escape of Baby Kaveeshan during an unexpected turn of events on their journey.




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