No funds to Excavate Grave

No funds to Excavate Grave

During the hearing, presided over by Mullaitivu Magistrate Dharmalingam Pradeepan, officials informed the Court of the progress made in the investigations thus far, including the age determination of the remains.

Lawyer V.K. Niranjan said that tests conducted on the skeletons indicate they date back to the period between 1994 and 1996, according to a report by Senior Professor Raj Somadeva.

However, the Court was informed that the doctor’s report did not include details such as age, weight, gender, or cause of death of the individuals whose remains were discovered.

Officials also explained to the Court that due to insufficient funds, further excavation of the Kokkuthuduvai mass grave, which is currently closed, cannot proceed at this time.

Subsequently, the Magistrate fixed the next hearing of the case for 4 March.

On 29 June 2023, officials of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) found human skeletal remains while carrying out a water-related project.

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