Parliament is confident of Health Minister Keheliya

Parliament is confident of Health Minister Keheliya

he Health Minister has survived the no-confidence motion, but the allegations against him are serious and there is public concern about the state of the health sector. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to address these concerns and restore public confidence.

The government’s victory in the no-confidence motion is a sign that it still has the support of the majority in Parliament. However, the fact that the motion was even brought up shows that the opposition is unhappy with the government’s handling of the health sector.

The recent deaths of patients due to allergic reactions to medication is a particularly serious allegation, and it is one that the minister will need to address if he wants to regain public trust.

The government has argued that the current crisis in the health sector is due to the economic downfall and that the minister cannot be held responsible for this.

However, the opposition has countered that the minister has not done enough to address the problems in the health sector and that he should be held accountable for the deaths of patients.

Meanwhile, the ophthalmologist at the Kahawatta Hospital in Ratnapura has suddenly left the country, it is reported that the specialist has left the country for a medical training session with the permission of the Health Ministry.

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